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I. FY Series Medical Incinerators
are mainly used in hospital to burn post-operation garbage, virulent materials and inflammable solid rubbish. It has the properties of automatic, little comburant, thorough combustion and no re-pollution, etc.

MODEL YF-10 YF-20 YF-50 YF-100
Output (kg/h) 10-20 20-30 50-60 80-100
Power (W) 900 900 1100 1500
Using Field (sickbeds) 100 200 500 1000
Operation Ways Manual Manual Manual Manual / Auto
Size (cm) 180x90x150 170x142x218 212x160x218 212x165x240
Weight (kg) 800 1700 2400 4300

II. Crusher is used to crush plastic & nylon products, like disposable syringe, infusion sets, blood transfusion sets, anus catheter and vaginal speculum, etc.

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