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Canton Medical Supplies Co.
i-Tek Consulting Co.
2139 Jennings Street, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191, USA
Tel: 703-725-8515; Fax: 309-294-6726
E-mail: Cantoninc@yahoo.com  Web Site: www.cantoninc.com

Products: Canton Medical Supply Co. specializes manufacture, sales, and distribution of high quality and low-priced stethoscopes for medical students, home healthcare customers and medical professionals.
Idea Gift: Also, the product is an idea gift for your friends or children who are interested in pursuing a future medical career.
Model: K-30-DL
This classic aluminum stethoscope with dual-head chest-piece offers a lightweight and high acoustic sensitivity.
Model: K-30-DS
This deluxe stainless stethoscope with adult and pediatric side chest-piece allows you to monitor high and low frequency sounds.
Price: 40% off from the listed prices.
K-30-DL Light Wt. Aluminum $19.90 $11.94 $4.00
K-30-DS Deluxe Stainless $39.90 $23.94 $4.00
Order: (I) By E-Mail: Cantoninc@yahoo.com
(II) By Fax: 309-294-6726
(III) By Phone: 703-725-8515
(IV) By Mail:
Canton Inc.
2139 Jennings Street
Woodbridge, VA 22191-4419
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    Wholesales: Please contact us at Cantoninc@yahoo.com for wholesales!

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